An internationally acclaimed specialist in Footwear, Stilesens offers consultancy in Product Design, Strategy and Innovation.

We want to know our client in the same way we would make friends with a person. As we understand his history, values, style and dreams, we can help him build the vision and  create the products that will make him grow.


People interests, values and behaviour constantly adapt to an ever changing world facing huge challenges. Technology brings new opportunities. Observation and imagination will help us shape an adequate response for our industry and stay ahead.

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Right brain - left brain. I enjoy playing ping-pong between both sides. Dream, feel, let my spirit wander and my pencil record a few ideas. Then make it realistic, relevant, clever and functional. Strong and clear.


During the creation and development process, always keep the final product in mind. Find realistic and cost conscious solutions but never betray the original idea. Make it work. Make it beautiful.